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Quinta da Beira is located in Tábua, on Beira’s plateau in the center of Portugal, an aera surrounded by mountains and far from big cities. Beira’s plateau is bordered by the mountains Serra da Estrela, Açor, Lousã, Caramulo and others. It has rich soils generously fertilized by rivers and streams in the Mondego’s basin. Beira’s soul is deeply rooted in the old aliance between man and land. Farming is one of its noblest expressions.

Given the diversity and beauty of its landscapes, and the richness of its products, we could say that Beira is one of the best kept natural and gastronomic  secrets of Portugal.

In Quinta da Beira the vegetable garden, the orchard and the olive grove change along the year to the rythm of the seasons, as a result of the weather and the hard work of the farmer. Part of the surplus vegetables and fruits are destined to animal feeding in order to diversify the animals diet and strenghten their health. Pastures are used all the year round by the sheep herd, a familiar sight in the farm all the time. Goats are also part of the daily activity of the farm, helping to clear some terrains located between forest and farmed lands.

From the forest, bush is taken to be used in the animal’s pens. Also acorns are eaten by the livestock. The manure output from the pigs, sheep and goats give back valuable richness to the soil where its feed comes from. From the cumplicity between animal life, cultivated land and the farmer work, and from nature’s gift of wide space, pure air, abundant water, results the work of art of traditional farming. In small quantities, meat, vegetables, cereals, delicious fruit, olive oil, makes its way to the family table like in old days.